Recover lost NTFS partitions

Disk Doctors NTFS Data Recovery software is designed to recover lost data from NTFS and NTFS5 drives. It effectively performs missing or lost Partition Recovery, deleted partition recovery, deleted file recovery, re-formatted drive recovery and formatted partition recovery. When you need to recover lost partition data on computers using NTFS this is the program designed for the task.

The NTFS file system is one of most complex yet functional file access systems in use today. It is proprietary to Microsoft, and is supported in Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2008, 2000 & NT. It supports file-level security, compression, auditing, large volumes and powerful storage solutions such as RAID.

Using Windows, hard drives are generally divided into several partitions. The advantages of having multiple partitions on a hard drive include:

  • Installing multiple Operating Systems on different partitions on a single computer (for e.g. dual boot system)
  • It allows targeting of applications to keyed operating systems and hardware.
  • An increase in overall performance of the computer (preferable if the drive has smaller partitions)
  • Easy data management.

Often, the user deletes partitions accidentally. A partition can also be lost due to a virus attack, hard drive crash, power surge and file system corruption.

When huge blocks of data are lost due to partition damage how do we then recover the information and restore full capability to our hard drive? Is a lost NTFS partition recoverable?

Yes, a lost NTFS partition can be recovered along with the crucial data, provided if it is not overwritten by creation of a new partition. Lost partitions can be easily recovered using Disk Doctors data recovery software.

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Steps to be taken after a partition is lost for successful data recovery

  • Do not write anything to the drive containing lost partitions.
  • Do not try to re-create or repair lost partitions
  • Do not run any disk utilities such as chkdsk or any defrag utility
  • Do not format the drive or re-partition it.
If the partition containing the OS is lost, remove the hard drive from the computer and connect it as a secondary drive and test run Disk Doctors NTFS Data Recovery Software from the host operating system to recover the lost partition. On the other hand if any other partition containing the data is lost, you can install the software on another healthy partition and perform the recovery.