Windows Recovery Bundle

The components in this bundle would help you to recover your critical data from any logically crashed Windows hard drive. Buying this bundle will provide varied recovery strength with attractive discount.

You would be able to:

  • Recover re-partitioned drives using partition recovery software
  • Recover lost or missing partitions
  • Recover data from any FAT or NTFS partition
  • Recover deleted files
  • Recover formatted drives
  • Recover reformatted drives ( for e.g. FAT to NTFS, vice versa or to any other file system)
  • Perform RAW recovery in case of severe file system damage

Only $149.31

Save: $87.69

List Price: $237

Bundle Components

Doctors NTFS Data Recovery- (End user Version, $99)

Disk Doctors FAT Data Recovery - (End user Version, $79)

Disk Doctors Instant File Recovery - (End user Version, $59)
What happens when you empty the Recycle Bin?
  • Products worth $237 available for only $149
  • RAW file recovery capability, which is extremely beneficial when you have severe damage on your drive and none of the file system recovery techniques are working. This option will recover files out of the drive irrespective of the file system
  • Complete Windows recovery tool-kit

Please Note: You will receive separate serial key / License code for each component in this bundle to activate.