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Smart Phone Data Recovery Services

We can easily recover text messages, emails, phone numbers, photos, files or any other lost data from corrupt, inaccessible, accidentally reset to the factory settings smart phones.

We have successfully recovered thousands of cases where data just simply disappeared, but with the help of experts in our team lots of customers regained their data

Can Lost Data from Smart Phones be Recovered?

In majority of the cases missing or lost data is almost always recoverable as long as nothing has been over written on top of the existing data bits. It is just a matter of addressing the issues at hand that a data storage in a smart phone is afflicted with, and restoring every bit of recoverable data.

Smart Phone Data Recovery Options:

If a photo card (or other photo storage device) is recognized in your computer, but for some unknown reason you can not access the photos / data stored on it, then we have three options for you.

  1. Remote Smart Phone Recovery Service
  2. DIY Smart Phone Recovery Software
  3. In-lab Smart Phone Recovery Service

Options 1 and 2 could be really cost effective for smart phone recovery.

If a phone is physically damaged then sending it in to our lab for data recovery service will be the only option.

To send a Smart Phone to our lab for recovery services, please submit your case online by filling out the short form on the right, and ship your card to our lab at the following address:

Disk Doctor Labs Inc.
Data Recovery Department
Suite # 100, 106 Colony,
Park Drive, Cumming, GA 30040

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