Recover lost or deleted Digital Photo

A digital photo is a computer file created by either a digital camera or scanner that is made up of sequence of pixels. When a digital camera takes a photograph, it converts raw image data from an optical sensor, into a standardized digital file format for storage on a memory card.

The most common digital image formats are JPEG, TIFF and RAW. Most photographers choose to shoot in JPEG as this file format offers a very good balance between file size and image quality with a variety of compression options. RAW (the initial file format) photos offer the highest possible image quality but have greater requirements in file size, although they are popular can be considered a sort of digital negative.

The most common reasons for the damage of photo files are:
  • Accidental deletion of image files
  • Accidental formatting of an entire memory card that holds image files
  • Memory card or hard drive corruption
  • Interface or file transfer errors

Regardless of what caused your digital image losses, you can recover deleted photos from your PC quickly and easily. Lost or deleted photos can be recovered as long as they have not been overwritten by other information.

It is commonly thought that once digital photos are deleted, they are permanently wiped off of a memory card or hard drive, but that is simply untrue. Digital images are stored on memory cards and hard drives as files, just as any other form of digital information is. These files occupy a fixed space on memory cards.

When you delete an image or format a memory card, the space in which the image was stored is not essentially erased. Instead, that space is marked as "available", so that the system knows it can write a new image there. This is why the camera or computer will no longer recognize the image, even though the image data is still present on the card. So, you can recover deleted photos from any memory device, just as you can with any other type of digital information.

Here are a few precautions you need to follow which are essential if you want to recover deleted photos from a memory card.

  1. Remove the memory card from your camera and put it in a safe place so that you won’t accidentally overwrite your deleted photos.
  2. Don't save any pictures to this memory card.

If you do save new images to the memory card, then chances are the deleted files will be overwritten by the new images rendering them unrecoverable.

If neither the camera nor your computer system can find the lost images, then the only way to recover deleted photos from your memory card is to use Disk Doctors specialized Photo Recovery software.

Lost or deleted digital photo files on a memory card or hard drive can be easily recovered using our Photo Recovery software. Disk Doctors Photo Recovery software scans the memory card to locate and recover any image files. To use the software, you will also need a card reader connected to your PC and the memory card connected to the reader.

Disk Doctors Photo Recovery software can bring back your lost moments in minutes.

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