Deleted File recovery software

Most of the time we come across a situation of data loss where data may be inaccessible, missing or deleted. Data might be lost due to a system crash or accidental deletion. It may be a relief knowing there is a good possibility of getting your deleted files back if you act quickly and logically.

What do you mean by Deletion?

“Deletion means the removal of file or a folder from the disk”. We may categorize deletion in two categories:

  • Temporary Deletion: In this case the file is moved to the recycle bin, once the file has been deleted using normal delete command. The file can be restored back with the help of Recycle bin.
  • Permanent Deletion: Once the file has been emptied from the Recycle Bin or deleted using Shift + Del Key combination the file is termed to be deleted permanently.
What happens when data is deleted?

Operating System logically divides the hard drive into two parts. One part is used to store data and the other part is used to store its allocation information (Index information). When data is deleted, Operating System updates a flag in the address part of the hard drive, which further helps the operating system to recognize that the following file has been deleted. It simply removes that file from the list of files in the folder. Truth is that the data still appears in the data part of the hard drive and will remain there until the information is overwritten by a new file.

Running a Disk Defrag tool could cause destruction to your deleted or lost files. If you have scheduled Windows Disk Defrag tool to run automatically, then you should disable this option until you have retrieved those files.

What happens when you empty the Recycle Bin?

The file doesn’t get deleted even then!

When you empty the recycle bin, Windows Operating System changes the file path and name to indicate that the space it occupied is no longer needed and is available for use. Anytime the OS needs space for any other files, then it utilizes this space which causes overwriting. Until the file is overwritten by the OS, it still exists on the hard disk and is completely recoverable.

What happens when you delete data using Shift+del key?

Hard Disk stores data in clusters. When you delete the data using Shift+Del key, this command renders the data irrecoverable, since deleted files bypass the recycle bin and are placed in unspecified clusters. Those files become lost, missing or inaccessible.

Is deleted files recoverable?

Yes, deleted files can be recovered. It’s a false impression that once the file is deleted either by emptying the recycle bin or deleted using shift+del key, the file is permanently lost.

Deleted File Recovery is easier compared to other data recovery tasks. Disk Doctors Undelete Software will scan your hard disk drive for deleted data files that is still active but that Windows doesn’t recognize and will recover the deleted files while the data hasn’t been overwritten by another file.

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