Migrate Outlook

Disk Doctors Smart Email Backup provides an option to Migrate complete Outlook profile from an older version of Outlook (Outlook 2003) to a newer version of Outlook (Outlook 2007). Smart Email Backup software migration option becomes essentialwhen you upgraded your operating system from Windows XP / Windows Vista to Windows 7.

Migration of Outlook is extremely easy with Disk Doctors Smart Email Backup!

To start, install the software on the PC or Windows account where you would like to migrate previously backed up Outlook profile. Once software is launched click on “Migrate” option as shown in image displayed below.

Migrate Outlook Main Screen

You will see Migration option window where you need to select further options, In this Window (below) browse to “select a backup file”, which you need to migrate. Thereafter, enter the password in the security check box (if you have secured Smart Email backup archive file earlier with a password) and then click on “Next” button to proceed.

Migrate Outlook Profile Screen

Please note: Password used for opening Email Account and Microsoft Personal folder (.pst) cannot be restored or migrated. You have to enter the password that your had assigned earlier for your PST file after restoration or migration process.

Once the Migration process is over you would be able to view process summary. The summary will be displayed in a window as shown below (Migration Summary indicates status of each Migrated outlook item).

Outlook Migration Summary Screen

This concludes the whole migration process, the migration process will not work or may produce undesirable results if you are trying to migrate from a newer version of Outlook to an older version for eg. Migrating Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2003.