Computer Data Security

Information security or data security has different meaning for large enterprises or an individual. Governments, military, financial institutions, hospitals, and large enterprises has a enormous amount of data and which is confidential information about their employees, customers, products, research etc. Unfortunately, there are plans for the disaster management, but there are no plans for secure destruction of such critical data.

Selling or recycling off a PC creates a serious threat. The hard drives, which are given along with the computer desktops or servers, are mostly formatted with a mind set that they can be used further without any one knowing what it was used for. A hard drive stores the most critical thing in the computer i.e. data and it should be erased beyond recovery before selling or giving it to someone.

Any one can easily steal the personal data by using hard drive recovery software This could cause a humiliation, complete face loss as well as a source of trouble for the previous owner. The data is always recoverable until it is been erased properly with significant hard drive sanitizer software or simple file shredder.

For your data security needs and system privacy management, we have two options

  • Data Sanitizer – software to erase data beyond recovery from complete hard drive, logical drive (partitions).
  • File Shredder – Simple to use but extremely advanced file shredder software to wipe free unused space to erase deleted data and individual file shredding using automated scheduling.
  • Cryptor Software – If you seek protection for your sensitive data on any USB flash drive or on hard drive then Disk Doctors Cryptor application can be your best choice to.